“Consumers build an image of a brand as birds build nests. From the scraps and straws they chance upon.” ~ Jeremy Bullmore

Everyone loves a freebie. And with traditional advertising avenues continuing to be inundated with competition and most consumers succumbing to ad fatigue, sampling continues to maintain a foothold as a viable and cost-effective means of securing brand & product awareness.
For consumers, being able to hold and test drive a product, as opposed to sighting an online, TV or print ad, will more likely result in positive word-of-mouth, customer loyalty and most importantly a quantifiable increase in sales.
Holding exclusive contracts with Australia’s most successful cinema programs and boasting associations with various A-list Award Shows and high profile Entertainment Events, Kabuki Boy on average touches 13,000 consumers each month; accessing a number of key demographics that will ensure your brand or product directly reaches your target market.
So if you want to directly engage social-media savvy consumers who enjoy bragging about the latest trends and discoveries, then contact us today to discuss our schedule of exclusive and exciting sampling opportunities.