Dude, can you spare some Change?

And if you thought the numbers thrown around on yesterdays highest earning female actors list was impressive, wait to see the figures pulled by the men of the silver screen as Forbes milks its momentary flash of mainstream popularity for all its worth. But even more curious, and slightly more disconcerting than an outdated publication clinging to relevance in the digital age, is the vast chasm of wealth that separates the men from the women. And while equality in the work place remains a hot topic on the social pages in most western realms, it seems Hollywood isn’t looking to buck any trends anytime soon.

But for what its worth ladies, your Top 10 list is far richer in talent and respect than your hairy chinned counterparts.

1. Robert Downey Jr pissed away a fortune once, but older and wiser the Marvel Icon is far, far richer with $75 million under his belt.

2. Channing Tatum can now afford to stuff his own jocks with dollar bills now that he’s bagged $60 million of them.

3. Hugh Jackman proves that nice guys can finish in the top three with $55 million in change to help keep his claws sharp.

4. Mark Wahlberg should really consider hiring a voice coach to help with that whiney little bitch voice now that he’s cleared $52 million.

5. Dwayne Johnson continues his meteoric rise to become a real life cartoon character landing a hefty $46 million.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio has made lazing on super yachts surrounded by topless models cool again. Also cool, a $39 millionpay cheque.

7. Adam Sandler is annoying, and makes annoying films that for some reason Americans love; a love worth $37 million.

8. Tom Cruise may have earned $35 million this past year, but that might drop a little once the Cult of Scientology take their cut.

9. Denzel Washington proves that Denzel is worth a whole lot of George Washington’s with a take of  $33 million.

10. Liam Neeson takes out the number ten spot with a cool $32 million. Remains awesome.