Who are Australian film’s 20 most powerful?

The cool kids at Filmink Magazine, under the relentless guidance of their supreme leader and editor Dov Kornits have just released their first comprehensive look at the most powerful and influential people in the Australian Film Industry. And while some of the varied cast of characters are almost obligatory in 2013- such as Hugh Jackman, Baz Luhrmann and the dynamic duo of Andrew Mackie & Richard Payten – the 6 page spread manages to deliver more than just a couple of surprises along with some intriguing insights that might just put your faith back into the state of the Australia film industry.

Did you know that Russell Crowe has been nurturing young talent via his state of the art post-production facility in East Sydney? Or that Gary Hamilton of Arclight Films fame is paving the way for Australian productions to capitalise on China opening its screens to foreign films. Even more inspiring are the tasty vinaigrettes which showcase behind the scenes talent such as producer Troy Lum, screenwriter Stuart Beattie and Roadshow Film’s Joel Pearlman. Definitely worth a read, even if only to see who falls off the list in 2014.

The August Issue of Filmink magazine, featuring Hugh Jackman on the cover is available now in newsagents on on your iPad.